Friday, January 2, 2009

All new stuff for 2009

Every year, as an enticement to renew early, my apartment complex offers prize drawings for those that do just that. Last year i won a 4th gen, 4gig ipod nano. This year i won the december drawing, and chose a 1gig ipod shuffle as my prize. It's not that glamorous, just a 50 dollar prize i'll probably hock on ebay... but still, its neat to win - and two years in a row? I never win anything!

While i was in the office, the guy started asking me about my appliances. Though he was interested in my stove, i somehow parlayed his seeming generosity into a full new set of appliances for the place. They'll come on monday or so. Yay! My 1970's dishwasher and stove are on the way out. The fridge in here is actually pretty good... but they might replace it anyway so that it matches.

That, combined with my "new" (donated generously by a friend) television, makes my place all decked out in new stuff for a new year. Sweet.

Now to get new strings for the guitars.... if only i had some money.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Germany was fine, i'm a lazy blogger

The title pretty much says it all. Every time i post that i'm going to come back and post more, i dont.

I think i should really do this in small segments every single day, but i always forget.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Germany, T Minus - Not enough days

Why do trips always pop up sooo much faster than they seem? I still have 2 papers to finish writing before i go on this thing. Not to mention getting an oil change, currency exchange, doing laundry, packing, figuring out all my ground logistics so that when i arrive i can know how the hell i'm getting from the airport to the hotel to the conference, etc. Then back to the airport early as hell in the morning so i can get to england. All in all, i'm pretty stressed right now. Bummer.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Blogging Revisited

So i've been thinking a lot lately about starting to blog about things that come to mind in my head. I've started a blog to track this diet i'm on ( and i think i'll use this opportunity to start using MAS here to spout out random thoughts. I have a rarely (but hopefully more often used) academic blog at

Today's subject: I don't really capitalize the letter i when referring to myself. Get used to it.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Final Website for Class!

For class we were supposed to make a website discussing what we did this year. Though I attempted to make it visually pleasing by using Dreamweaver, I feel I waited too long between the time that we had lecture on how to do this and now. I remembered most of the basics, but thats about it. I also tried to use the table method, which didnt work out quite as well as I had planned. Perhaps, though, i will have time in the next few weeks to come in and sort it out more properly.

Without much further ado:

Here is my Website!

p.s. Beth i'm posting to say i'm done with my website ;)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hi Beth

Sorry you fell down today. I am a laptop ninja. My "video" is bad.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Video? Cast

Here is a podcast with moving pictures that i suppose counts as a video podcast. If i had more time in my quarter right now, i would simply record myself saying all of this and intersperse it with the still slides. But for now, because of comps and because i'm using my workload as a crutch, here's what i've got:


As for the process of making this, it was pretty fast, but it turned out pretty terrible. I definately learned some things about making slides in other programs and then how they would need to be optimized for this process in the future. I tried to use this assignment as a test example of doing something like Eddie does for the 220 class lectures, in the thought of perhaps using the idea in future assignments/jobs, so in the end it was a good learning experience. If i had more time i would have perhaps tried to put in some demonstrations of how the actual microphones work in practice, or even more examples of how people would look while using them. Who knows. At least i sound like i'm paying attention while i read the lines, right?